• 12°5 #4 Journal about the wines of Tinos | Gazette 12°5 #4 sur les vins de Tinos

    12°5 #4 Journal about the wines of Tinos

    … At the same time, we received the first texts from our journalists on Michèle Aubéry from Domaine Gramenon, in Drôme; Xavier Courant from the Domaine de l’Oubliée, in Bourgueil; Delphine and Julien Zernott at the Pas de l’Escalette, in the Hérault; Nicolas Joly…

  • Two creameries in Tenos island with extraordinary cheeses! | Deux crémeries à l'île de Tenos avec des fromages extraordinaires!

    Two creameries in Tenos island with extraordinary cheeses!

    Aggela Rouggere Creamery Tsiknias Mt., Tenos island, Cyclades, Greece M. +30 6948 259427 Kariki cheese A cheese for acquired tastes, also called the blue cheese of Tenos. Depending on the degree of maturation it may either resemble roquefort or stilton cheese. Its secret is that…

  • 4th Tinos Running Experience, 2017

    4th Tinos Running Experience, 2017

    Saturday 10th June 2017 4th TINOS RUNNING EXPERIENCE races: TINOS RUNNING EXPERIENCE: Half Marathon road race TINOS FUN RUN: 10km road race TINOS FUN RUN: 5km road race TINOS KIDS RUN: 1km road race for kids within Tinos Town TINOS SPECIAL RUN: 100m for…

  • Tinos food paths 2017

    Tinos food paths 2017

    Tinos food paths, a walk through the gastronomical paths of Tinos! The walk starts on the 8th of May and ends on the 14th of May 2017. “Guest stars” this year will be: the Tinian breakfast! Live cooking of local dishes and sweets based…

  • Tinos: Une île formée par des mythes | Photographer Peter Koumplis reveals the unseen power of Tinos island through his collection of photographs "Anama".

    Tinos: A place formed by myths

    Photographer Peter Koumplis reveals the unseen power of Tinos island through his collection of photographs “Anama”. ανάμα [ana:ma] greek ~ nn ~ spring water ~ streams of tears / wisdom ~ communion wine The landscape of Tinos retains its simplicity, its timeless memory of…

  • Tinos World Music Festival | Activités et festivals de la fondation culturelle de Tinos

    Tinos World Music Festival

    Tinos World Music Festival started in 2013 and has added the island of Tinos in a broader intercultural network as a meeting point of important musicians from the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean. So far it has hosted more than 100 internationally renowned musicians from Greece and…

  • It is here in Greece, and more specifically on the volcanic soil of Tinos, where winegrower Alexandre Avatangelos grows the local varieties Mavrotragano and Avgoustiatis (red wines) & Assyrtiko and Malagousia (white wines) to produce T-Oinos wines | Il est ici en Grèce, et plus précisément sur le sol volcanique de Tinos, où Alexandre vigneron Avatangelos pousse les variétés locales Mavrotragano et Avgoustiatis (vins rouges) & Assyrtiko et Malagousia (vins blancs) pour produire des vins T-Oinos

    T-Oinos wines

    Greece has a tradition in wine making for more than 3000 years! It is one of the world’s oldest and most traditional wine making countries. It is here in Greece, and more specifically on the volcanic soil of Tinos, where winegrower Alexandre Avatangelos grows the local varieties Mavrotragano and Avgoustiatis…

  • Tinos Running Experience 2016

    Tinos Running Experience 2016 programme

    Tinos Running Experience is an annual athletic meeting that takes place in Tenos for athletes from all over Greece and abroad. The routes go through the picturesque villages, museums, the amazing beachesof Tenos island. The Main event of the program is the Half Marathon. Starting at…

  • Chemins alimentaires tinos { Tinos food paths } 2016

    Tinos food paths 2016

    APRIL 13-14 For the second consecutive year Tinos food paths invites you to explore the island’s gastronomical paths. Housewives and renowned chefs gather on the island of Tinos and join forces to guide you through the traditional culinary treasures of this Cycladic island. See…

  • THE SUMMER RENTAL HOUSE IN TINOS by Meravigliapaper.com | LA LOCATION MAISON TINOS par Meravigliapaper.com

    THE HOUSE TINOS by Meravigliapaper.com

    “Our lovely and atypical “summer house” is just beyond the nunnery, in the narrow streets of the village where you can only walk quietly. A traditional hundred-year-old Cycladic stone house with four-meter-high roofs and smoothed walls that resemble brush-strokes of hazelnut ice cream. The…

  • Phases de lune pour Tinos, Grèce 2016 | Moon phases Tinos, Greece, summer 2016

    Moon phases for Tinos, Greece 2016

    Spring, summer & autumn moon phases in Tinos. Planning for your romantic nights on the island … Lunation New Moon First Quarter Full Moon Third Quarter Duration 1155 6 May 22:29 13 May 20:02 22 May 00:14 29 May 15:11 29d 7h 30m 1156…

  • Panormos harbour, Tinos, Cyclades
  • Tinos harbour, Cyclades, Greece
  • Kolybethra beach, Tinos, Greece
  • Tinian marble craftsmanship by UNESCO

    Tinian marble craftsmanship was inscribed in 2015 (10.COM) on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The art of marble-carving is an expression of the cultural identity of Tinos. Marble craftspeople possess empirical knowledge of the composition and structure…

  • The Ursulines Monastère in Loutra village, Tinos, pictured in the photographs below, was built 150 years ago in the year 1862 by Maria - Anna Livs who was born in Istanbul in 1825 and joined the Ursulines in 1853

    Ursulines Monastery in Tinos island

    A photographic journey through time! Photographs: Asemina Boulgari The Ursulines Monastery in Loutra village, Tinos, pictured in the photographs below, was built 150 years ago in the year 1862 by Maria – Anna Livs who was born in Istanbul in 1825 and joined the Ursulines…

  • Nissos beer from Tinos wins silver Star at the European Beer Star awards

    1,613 beers    42 countries    105 brew masters    1 “NISSOS” Greek beer “Nissos” from Tinos, just 17 months old…, won the silver European Beer Star Award in the category Bohemian Pilsner in an international competition that took place in Bavaria, Germany. The…

  • Chemins au vent, la surprise d'une île des Cyclades... Tinos, Côté sud Magazine | Côté sud magazine visited Tinos island and was "surprised" by it's multi talents! June-July summer edition | Côté sud magazine visited Tinos island and was "surprised" by it's multi talents! June-July summer edition, 2015

    The surprise of a Cycladic island … Tinos, by Côté sud

    Côté sud magazine (June-July summer edition) visited Tinos island and was “surprised” by it’s multi talents in it’s 25th anniversary issue! And of course, Loutra rental house was there! Following are the relative pages from this issue, enjoy this photographic journey in Tinos…

  • TAMA magazine, Tinos. All there is to know about Tinos island and of course theHouse rental houses were included!!

    TAMA magazine, Tinos

    An alternative to summer living!  

  • The Rental House in Loutra, Tinos, Greece, is a self-catering rental house restored with a meticulous attention to the details so as to preserve its authenticity

    Loutra, the Rental House in Tinos

    The Rental House in Tinos, Greece, in the village Loutra, is a self-catering house restored with a meticulous attention to the details so as to preserve its authenticity. Architecturally it blends the Cycladic tradition with modern simplicity and practicality. The renovated summer house offers…

  • Ioannis Exarchou designed this vacation house by reconstructing a 100 year-old abandoned stable in the countryside of Tinos island, creating a summer retreat with minimum cost that enjoys views to the surrounding mountains and the valley beneath. The architect’s main objective was to retain the unique cavernous feeling of the space. The original stone building structure was left intact and the interventions were limited to plastering the inner side of the walls, the mortar joints on the external walls and the colored concrete floors of the interior

    greek foundation

    VACATION HOUSE IN TINOS ISLAND BY IOANNIS EXARCHOU, GREEK FOUNDATION Ioannis Exarchou designed this vacation house by reconstructing a 100 year-old abandoned stable in the countryside of Tinos island, creating a summer retreat with minimum cost that enjoys views to the surrounding mountains and…

  • Snow covered Tinos. Winter 2015

    Snow in Tinos

    A scenery that is reminiscent of the Alps albeit in the… Cyclades. This year winter was quite harsh in Tinos as the island was hit by a snow storm of unusual intensity covering the whole island, from shores to mountains, with tenths of cm…

  • Alonaki maison de vacances à Tinos | Une étable centenaire qui peut accueillir deux personnes pour une expérience unique dans les Cyclades. L'impression est celle d'une grotte sculptée dans le rocher solide à cause des matériaux originaux qui ont été conservés dans cette dernière incarnation architecturale

    modern farmer

    An article about Alonaki in the magazine modernfarmer.com “Retreat to Move Forward” In a minimalist space, life dialed back to the essentials. By Jesse Hirsch (modern farmer magazine) on September 26, 2014 Photography by Sylvia Diamantopoulou “This is the opposite of luxury.” With his…

  • dezeen magazine | story about the interior of Alonaki summer cottage

    dezeen magazine

    By dezeen magazine The cave-like stone interior of this former stable on Tinos Island, Greece, has been renovated by architect Ioannis Exarchou to create a small holiday house. Athens-based architect Ioannis Exarchou retained the original structure of the stable when designing Retreat in Tinos Island,…

  • La randonnée qui relie le village de Loutra à village Perastra


    Relaxed, flexible and friendly holidays for the independently minded; guided trekking or self-guided, the choice is yours. Trekking routes are carefully chosen to sample Tinos’ varied landscapes, villages, beaches, churches and of course welcoming tavernas. Most days will involve between 4 and 6 hours…

  • Tinos Jazz Festival, en comptant cinq ans. Lire le programme de trois jours ici

    Tinos Jazz Festival

    TINOS JAZZ FESTIVAL PROGRAMME SUMMER 2014 Thursday 28/08/2014 21:30 – Flying Jazz Stefanos Andreadis, guitar Dimos Dimitriadis, saxophones Yiannis Papadopoulos, hammond organ Alexandros-Drakos Ktistakis, drums Guitarist and composer Stefanos Andreadis was born in Athens where he studied guitar, harmony, counterpoint, fugue, jazz improvisation, Byzantine…

  • Cicada, un emblème de l'été, sur un mur de pierre blanche au-dessus d'une porte de grange

    White, the colour of the Cyclades

    Among the first characteristics one notices when first visiting Tinos and the Cyclades in general are the white washed houses and churches with their smooth-edged corners that exhale a sense of openess and freedom…

  • Sable doré dans la plage de Kolybithra à Tinos au coucher du soleil


    To name some of the numerous beaches in Tinos: Agios Fokas Ap’gania Kolybethra Livada Pachia Ammos

  • Museums

    More museums – The Museum of the Nun Monastery “Monè Kechrovouniou” with old pictures of the 18th and 19th century – The Antones Sochos Museum with a collection of wood and clay carvings made by the Tinian scholar – The Folklore Museum in Karya…

  • Traditional centuries old dovecotes in Tinos, Cyclades

    Traditional dovecotes

    Their tradition dates back to the Venetian period when the systematic breeding of pigeons, for their meat and droppings (used as fertilizers), was first introduced. Most dovecotes were built in cultivated areas with access to water, close to ravines, and in hill slopes. They…

  • Saint-Joseph monastère et l'église dans le village de Loutra, Tinos

    Saint Joseph monastery, Tinos

    Saint Joseph Monastery in Tinos with the Jesuit Church is located in Loutra village. It was built in the mid 19th century, around 1840, with influences from the baroque architecture. Its interior is very detailed and beautiful. The Church also hosts a folklore museum…

  • Forgeron traditionnel à Pyrgos, Tinos

    Blacksmith with a flair

    Demetres Chatzes is the 3rd generation of blacksmiths dating back to 1910. His creations are both functional and artistic. Following are some categories of hand made products he has made during the years: – Marble sculpture tools for the school of Marble Sculpting in…

  • Nissos non pasteurisé bière artisanale de Tinos

    Nissos beer

    Nissos beer is created in small batches with craftsmanship, love, passion, enthusiasm and respect for the consumer. Ingredients of the highest possible quality; water, malt, hops, yeast, and perfection in the production process, create a rich, aromatic and robust beer for you to enjoy.  In order to be…

  • Fleur de arthichoke sauvage de l'île de Tinos dans les Cyclades

    Wild artichokes

    Wild artichokes or common ones, are a local delicacy in Tinos and are produced mostly at the valley of Komi. As a matter of fact there is a festival every year that takes place in the village of Komi between May and June where visitors…

  • Escalier en marbre à l'intérieur du phare près de livada plage à Tinos

    Livada lighthouse

    Various views of the old stone built Livada lighthouse which is out of service nowadays, and the Aegean sea to the north of Tinos island. The lighthouse is only a few kilometers away from the villages of Myrsini, Steni and Falatados and is worthwhile…

  • La randonnée qui relie le village de Loutra à village Perastra


    Following are nine treks that are scattered all over the island of Tenos and are worth walking: Falatados-Maganari-Livada beach Tripotamos-Exombourgo-Koumaros-Loutra-Kampos Arnados-Mountados-Tripotamos Chora (harbour)-Ktikados-Chatzirados-Kionia Phalatados-Volax-Agape-Sklavochori Stene-Potamia-Lychnaphtia Stene-Mt. Tsiknias Dyo Choria-Kounares-Agia Varvara-Agios Sostes Ormos Giannake-Isternia-Plateia Kallone-Karkados-Aetopholia-Pyrgos-Panormos-Platia-Rochare-Kyra-Xene-Marlas If you have GOOGLE MAPS installed in your computer you can…

  • An old stone barn built by a rock on the way to Agia Marina chapel in Tinos, Cyclades

    Panoramic photos

    Following are various panoramic photos some taken during spring time in Tinos. The view from the rock of Exombourgo, where the old capital of the island once was, towards the villages of Falatados and Stene and Mt. Tsiknias, the highest peak of the island….

  • Pyrgos est l'un des plus grands villages de Tinos et le centre des arts de marbre de l'île. Le village est l'hôte de l'école d'art de la sculpture en marbre depuis 1955

    Pyrgos village

    Pyrgos is one of the largest villages of the island and the centre of marble arts of Tinos. The village is host to the Art School for Marble Sculpture (since 1955) and the Museum of Marble Crafts.

  • Loutra retraite d'été pour quatre personnes à Tinos, dans les Cyclades

    Loutra for 4

    Loutra, a 120sq.m traditional stone house that houses four in style! Located at a “safe” distance from the more populated and touristic areas of Tenos, and at the same time, within minutes away from the most interesting sites of this beautiful and multidimensional island. ….

  • dezeen magazine | story about the interior of Alonaki summer cottage

    Alonaki for 2

    Experience the Cycladic energy in the most tranquil way in a 100+ year old barn, Alonaki, that served as a cowshed and now is a simple but purposeful cottage for two. . . . more

  • Pigeonnier sur l'île de Tinos

    Island of Tinos

    Location The island of Tinos is located in the Northern Cyclades close to the islands Andros, Mykonos, Syros and Delos. It is about 60 nautical miles away from the port of Rafina and about 80 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus. Access information…

  • Car rental

    Vidalis car rental Tinos, Cyclades, Greece T. +30 22830 23400 F. +30 22830 24300 The company fleet: ECONOMY COMPACT AUTOMATIC OPEN CAR (SUN ROOF) 4×4 OFF ROAD SUV MINI BUS SCOOTERS-MOTORCYCLES ΒΙCYCLES-FUNCYCLES Vidalis car rental is a well established family business operating since 1980…

  • Travel agencies

    Lagouros +30 22830 22291 Malliares +30 22830 24241 Markouizou Athina +30 22830 22737 Open seas Phoskolos +30 22830 24656

  • Exombourgo et Koumaros deux villages intéressants à Tinos

    About Tinos island

    Most people travelling to Tinos visit the island on a pilgrimage to “Megalochare”, the church built in the 19th century and dedicated to the grace of Virgin Mary, without discovering the real beauties of this multidimensional island of the Cyclades. Once poor and ravaged…

  • Taverns & Restaurants

    Following are some taverns and restaurants that I have tried and offer a good all round experience: “Agyra”, Harbour, +30 22830 23016 “Metaxi mas“, Harbour, +30 22830 25945 “Beeee”, Arnados, +30 22830 41890 “To koutouki tes Helenes”, Harbour, +30 22830 24857 “Tarsanas”, Harbour, +30 22830 24667 “Thalassaki”,…

  • Sainte Église de Panagia Évaggelistria - Megalochare - à Tinos cours d'une célébration

    Churches and Monasteries in Tinos

    Orthodox “Hiera Monè Theotokou” Monastery at Kechrovouni “Hiera Monè Agias Triadas” Monastery in the harbour of Tinos “Hiera Monè Kyra-Xenes” Monastery at Panormos “Hiera Monè Katapolianis” Monastery at Isternia “Hiera Monè Bourniotissas” Monastery at Agapi The Pilgrimage of Eleoussa Monastery at Exombourgo The Pilgrimage…

  • Côté Sud

    … le magazine de l’art de vivre dans le Sud The rental summer house in Loutra will soon be published in one of Côté Sud magazine’s issues in a tribute to the island of Tinos and its architectural gems.