Loutra rental house | a 130+ year old traditional stone house in Tinos island, Cyclades, Greece
Loutra rental house in Tenos, Cyclades!

Experience the Cycladic energy in the most tranquil way: in a 120sq.m traditional stone house that houses four in style! Located at a “safe” distance from the more populated and touristic areas of Tenos, but is at the same time, within minutes away from the most interesting sites of this beautiful and multidimensional island.

olivblad, sommarhyra hus på tinos island

9th Tinos Running Experience AVANCE 2024″ Road Races is being launched by Tinos Commercial and Industrial Association of Tinos...

A celebration of the artichoke. One among the many local products of Tenos island. Every year, women from the village of Komi create traditional recipes based on the artichokes that are harvested on the valley of Komi a few hundred meters away!...

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A mountain house at an altitude of 900m in a traditional village with houses made of stone that lies in the National Park & Unesco Geopark of Vikos-Aoos. The area, Zagori, has 46 villages and is protected by law due to it’s rich cultural heritage and nature. Scattered around the National park are numerous stone-made arch bridges dating back to the 18th & 19th centuries, the gorge of Vikos, at 1km deep is one of the deepest worldwide, Voidomatis river, one of the cleanest in Europe, bears, wolves, eagles, wild boars, wild mushrooms, truffles and much more!!

eklöv under våren i Zagori
Mountain house for sale in Dilopho village, Zagori, Epirus, Ioannina, Greece
Mountain house for sale in Dilopho village, Zagori, Epirus, Ioannina, Greece