Bedrooms of the summer retreat

main bedroom of the summer retreat with the fireplace

Primary room with twin bed of the summer retreat in Tinos, Cyclades

Close up view of the bed of the primary bedroom of the rental house in Tinos

View of the twin bed and the fireplace across the room in the summer retreat in Loutra, Tinos


The loft room with its two doors.

The two doors leading to the second room in Loutra rental house

The loft bed of the rental house in Loutra, Tinos

About cleaning

Please note that the house is prepared and cleaned* a few hours prior to your arrival. It is done in a rudimentary way. Just the basics: broom, mop, bed sheets, towels. The island is usually windy so in combination with the simple vernacular structure it could get a little dusty minutes after cleaning! It is a village house after all. Please treat it as you would your own house!

* I support people from the local community for the cleaning and most of the work done on the house