Interior photographs of the rental house

dinning – living room with the traditional stone arch or “volto” as it is called in tinos at the center of the summer house in loutra.

From the interior photographs of the rental house in Tinos one can see the central arch in the dinning room

The two doors that lead to the kitchen and primary bedroom of the rental summer retreat in Loutra

A view of the dinning table under the large arch in the main room of the rental holiday house in Loutra, Tinos

A view of the dinning table and the two doors leading to the rest of the rental holiday house in Loutra, Tinos

High and low tables (dinner and coffee) in the living room of the holiday house in Tinos, Cyclades

Preparing pasta al pesto for dinner at the kitchen of the house for rent in Loutra, Tinos


Kitchen sink, shower, skylight, washbasin, WC of this summer retreat

Shower and basin of the house for rent in Tinos, Greece

Basin and sink at the end of the corridor of the rental retreat in Tinos Cyclades

Improvisations, making a miniature swimming pool for the kid in the skylight of the summer house

Kitchen apparatus on the wall above the sink of the holiday house in Tinos

sleeping? well there are two bedrooms for your accommodation. click here for photos.

an island of unpolluted beauty, tinos boasts a marvelous tradition in architectural shapes. a mixture mostly of orthodox influences but also of venetian and catholic lines adorn the older buildings and houses of the island which bear arches, marble cravings and sky blue or green colours on their doors and windows.


loutra with its traditional vernacular architecture was made out of slate and decorated with marble details. this was more profound in the houses built in the northern villages such as pyrgos, isternia and panormos which were close to the marble quarries.


a characteristic of the traditional tinian house was the “volto”, a semi-circular stone arch in the middle of the main room which supported the roof when it was big enough. such a “volto” can be seen in the main room in the rental house in loutra.

the small buildings which are scattered all over the rural parts of tinos are called “katoekies” or “kellia” and were once used as cowsheds or warehouses. these were vital to the tinian farmer who used them among other things to rest during the hot hours of the day during the cycladic summer and to store his produce before transporting it to the harbor of tinos to sell it.


visitors in tinos will also notice the numerous dovecotes most of which were built during the venetian rule, and once added to the income of the island. the pigeons were a delicacy much appreciated in constantinople during the ottoman empire days. one can see a lot of dovecotes gathered close to the village of tarambados, 10 minutes away from the harbor of tinos and very close to the villages kambos, ktikados and smardakito.

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