Mountain house in Zagori, Vikos-Aoos Geopark

Mountain house for sale in Dilopho village, Zagori, Epirus, Ioannina, Greece

The house is completely made of stone and has a roof of stone slates supported by long and large wooden beams as is the tradition in Zagori.


It has two levels:


A bedroom with a double bed and a dedicated wood stove, a kitchen with a fireplace & a working wood fired traditional stone stove (we bake there bread, pizzas, food…), a large living room with a stove (ESSE Ironheart) plus a fireplace, and a view to kill!


Two yards, one in front of the kitchen and one in front of the bedroom.



A secodary bedroom with a double bed, WC – shower- wash basin (each in a different space for simultaneous use by three separate persons at once), and a space for the laundry machine and boiler.


One yard in front of the secondary bedroom.

The back yard of the house is the forest! That is …. mushrooms, bears, wolves, deer, wild boar, oak trees, fir trees, forest fruit … you name it! Nature in abundance.


Heating is provided by the wood stove from Sept.-Dec. & March-June and central heating provided by a wood burner for the very cold months Dec-Jan-Feb.


Water is through the public network and is of excellent quality!

Dilopho, the village, is amazing with no cars allowed. The village paths are made out of cobble and are narrow.


Distance from the city of Ioannina (int’l airport, market, excellent hospitals, lake, old city … google it) is about 35’.

oak leaves during spring time in zagori
top floor, the view
ground floor
Vikos Aoos Geopark in Epirus, Greece