A comic based on the life of the famous sculptor from Pyrgos Giannoules Chalepas

A comic based on the life of the famous sculptor from Pyrgos Giannoules Chalepas

Giannoules Chalepas was perhaps the most famous and important Greek sculptor of the past century who gained prominence very early in his life as an artist to be watched with his Sleeping Girl, a funeral monument so well loved today that it has become…

Handmade old type metal lock

Handmade old type metal lock

Demetres Chatzes, a 3rd generation metal smith, handcrafted this metal lock for a client in Tenos. For information about his skills and artifacts you can visit his site: metalandart.gr

Tinian marble craftsmanship by UNESCO

Tinian marble craftsmanship was inscribed in 2015 (10.COM) on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The art of marble-carving is an expression of the cultural identity of Tinos. Marble craftspeople possess empirical knowledge of the composition and structure…

Snow in Tinos

Snow covered Tinos. Winter 2015

A scenery that is reminiscent of the Alps albeit in the… Cyclades. This year winter was quite harsh in Tinos as the island was hit by a snow storm of unusual intensity covering the whole island, from shores to mountains, with tenths of cm…


More museums – The Museum of the Nun Monastery “Monè Kechrovouniou” with old pictures of the 18th and 19th century – The Antones Sochos Museum with a collection of wood and clay carvings made by the Tinian scholar – The Folklore Museum in Karya…

Blacksmith with a flair

Forgeron traditionnel à Pyrgos, Tinos

Demetres Chatzes is the 3rd generation of blacksmiths dating back to 1910. His creations are both functional and artistic. Following are some categories of hand made products he has made during the years: – Marble sculpture tools for the school of Marble Sculpting in…

Pyrgos village

Pyrgos est l'un des plus grands villages de Tinos et le centre des arts de marbre de l'île. Le village est l'hôte de l'école d'art de la sculpture en marbre depuis 1955

Pyrgos is one of the largest villages of the island and the centre of marble arts of Tinos. The village is host to the Art School for Marble Sculpture (since 1955) and the Museum of Marble Crafts.