A windy day in Tenos

Clouds travelling at speed over Kampos village in Tenos


More museums – The Museum of the Nun Monastery “Monè Kechrovouniou” with old pictures of the 18th and 19th century – The Antones Sochos Museum with a collection of wood and clay carvings made by the Tinian scholar – The Folklore Museum in Karya…


La randonnée qui relie le village de Loutra à village Perastra

Following are nine treks that are scattered all over the island of Tenos and are worth walking: Falatados-Maganari-Livada beach Tripotamos-Exombourgo-Koumaros-Loutra-Kampos Arnados-Mountados-Tripotamos Chora (harbour)-Ktikados-Chatzirados-Kionia Phalatados-Volax-Agape-Sklavochori Stene-Potamia-Lychnaphtia Stene-Mt. Tsiknias Dyo Choria-Kounares-Agia Varvara-Agios Sostes Ormos Giannake-Isternia-Plateia Kallone-Karkados-Aetopholia-Pyrgos-Panormos-Platia-Rochare-Kyra-Xene-Marlas If you have GOOGLE MAPS installed in your computer you can…