Tinos World Music Festival 2021

Tinos World Music Festival 2021

Tinos World Music Festival 2021

7th Tinos World Music Festival
Tinos, 2, 3, 4 July 2021

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Friday, 2 July, 21:00 | 1st Primary School of Tinos
“Welcome again”

Part A: Thiamboli – The flute of Crete
Eirini Derebei, thiamboli
Karolos Kouklakis, bulgari

The festival opens with the duet “Antama”. Eirini Derebei in thiamboli and voice and Karolos Kouklakis in bulgari, carry us away with melodies and tunes springing from the mountain ranges and gorges of Crete. The two musicians met in 1993, on the occasion of the creation of the musical group “Paleina Seferia”. With the music of Crete and their personal interpretation style as a starting point they signed for three discographic works, the most recent focused on the music of Crete, staring the flutes and the string instruments such as the thiamboli (Cretan wind instrument) and the bulgari (Cretan tambouras).

Part B: Clarinet
Dionysis Theodosis, clarinet
Paschalis Papazoudis, piano
Dimitris Sintos, double bass

Dionysis Theodosis on the clarinet, converses on stage with Paschalis Papazoudis on the piano and Dimitris Sintos on the double bass, in a musical performance of improvisation, where the clarinet of the tradition meets the music of the world, between Andalusia and Beirut. With the experience of the folk music traditions of Greece and the Mediterranean, the experiences of the Byzantine music and the influences of the world scene, Dionysis Theodosis brings to TWMF compositions from his upcoming album “Life after life” and renegotiates the traditional role of the clarinet, drawing on the folk musical forms of its origins.

3 July, 21:00 | 1st Primary School of Tinos
“Orient Express: From Classical Ottoman Music to the Balkan Jazz”

Part A: Ney – The reed wind instrument of the East
Harris Lambrakis, ney
Nikos Paraoulakis, ney
Solis Barkis, percussion

Ney and percussion converse, improvise and get inspiration by the long traditions they carry but also by the present day. The three distinguished musicians, Harris Lambrakis and Nikos Paraoulakis on the ney and Solis Barkis on percussion, seek their connection between then and now, through the sound of these primordial instruments.

Part B: Kaval – The traditional flute of Bulgaria
Nedyalko Nedyalkov, kaval
Martha Mavroidi, electric lafta
Paschalis Papazoudis, piano
Giorgos Ventouris, double bass
Vagelis Karipis, percussion

Nedyalko Nedyalkov, one of the most important musicians in Bulgaria, returns to TWMF, in a concert starring kaval, the traditional Bulgarian flute. With many years of presence in both the area of traditional Balkan music and the international space of contemporary music, Nedyalkov has developed a personal style of playing and composing. On the stage of the TWMF he will be accompanied by Paschalis Papazoudis (piano, guitar), Giorgos Ventouris (double bass), Vagelis Karipis (percussion) and Martha Mavroidi (electric lafta, voice).

4 July, 21:00 | Museum of Marble Crafts PIOP, Pyrgos
At Exomeria

Part A: Brass instruments – The winds of the Balkans
Medusa Brass Band
Peter Jaqes, trumpet, clarinet
Fausto Sierakowski, saxophone
James Wylie, saxophone
Domenico Bonassi, tuba
Panos Gournakis, dauli
Dimitris Kassis, euphonium

The Balkan music band Medusa Brass Band takes us to Northern Greece and the Balkans through the sounds of brass instruments. Six musicians of different origins weave the traditions of the southern Slavs and Northern Greece, causing even the most rigid listeners to dance!

Part B: Tsampouna – The askavlos of the Cyclades
Theodoros Chiou, tsampouna
Akrivos Zervos, tsampouna
Stavros Larios, tsampouna
Yiannis Michail, lute
Konstantinos Vidalis, lute guitar

The festival closes its curtains with a concert dedicated to the Cycladic tsampouna. An instrument with a long tradition in the Cycladic islands that was side-lined by the violin, but is now making a comeback to musical practice, thanks to the efforts of a new generation of musicians. Three players of the tsampouna, Theodoros Chiou from Tinos, Akrivos Zervos from Syros and Stavros Larios from Andros, accompanied by the Yiannis Michail on the lute and Konstantinos Vidalis on the lute guitar, both from Tinos, will present songs and tunes from the Cyclades and the Aegean.

Admission for the public is free, on a first-come, first-served basis.
The festival will follow the official protocols for public health.

Reservations for the concert as well as for the workshops at the Museum of Marble Crafts PIOP, will be made by phone at the number: +3022830 31290, daily 10:00 – 18:00, except Tuesday.

Organisation Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Creative Musical Island
Co-organisation Museum of Marble Crafts of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP), Region of South Aegean
Donation AEGEAS Non-Profit Civil Company
Transportation sponsor Fast Ferries

Artistic direction Martha Mavroidi
Production organisation Ifigenia Kondyli
Communication Anna Theodosi


In 2021 the Tinos World Music Festival expands its activities, launching a series of educational programs in collaboration with the Museum of Marble Crafts of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP). This year there will be a workshop on the Cycladic “zygia”, the musical “couple” of tsampouna with tubaki. In addition, on the occasion of the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution, a traditional song workshop for adults is planned on the theme “The songs of 1821” with songs from various parts of Greece related to the heroes and events of the Greek Revolution. The workshops will be held in the open spaces of the Museum of Marble Crafts PIOP, located in Pyrgos.

TWMF and Museum of Marble Crafts
The collaboration of Tinos World Music Festival with the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) aims to use the many years of experience of the Foundation in terms of cultural events as well as educational programs, in order to promote the viability of the festival. It will utilise, for its events and workshops, the open spaces of the Museum of Marble Crafts PIOP, located in Pyrgos, while attempting to attract audiences from other areas of Tinos. By presenting one of the three days of the events, with the participation of musicians from Tinos and the surrounding islands, at the Museum, the festival aims to establish a meeting point for young musicians from the Cyclades.

Artistic direction: musician and composer Martha Mavroidi

The TWMF is being organized by the Cultural Foundation of Tinos and the Creative Musical Island, co-hosted by the Museum of Marble Crafts of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP), the Region of South Aegean and with a donation from the AEGEAS Non-Profit Civil Company.