Tinos surf lessons & beach bar

Tinos surf lessons & beach bar

Tinos surf lessons & beach bar

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Kolibithra bay is on the north shore of the island of Tinos, facing the north Aegean sea, home of the infamous local “meltemi”, a strong north wind that blows mainly during the summer months. When the meltemi wind blows at a speed of more than 6 on the Beaufort scale – which sometimes can be for most of July and August – then a great left wave (and sometimes a smaller right) can be ridden at Kolibithra. One of the great things about surfing at Kolibithra is the ease of access to the line up (via a natural current that takes you there in a minute), the lack of any danger (no sharks, sandy bottom), and the proximity to cheap accommodation and great food, found just on the other side of the bay. All the above make it for a great spot not just for seasoned surfers, but beginners alike.

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Before the 1990s noone could have thought that exotic surf scenes would ever appear on a place like Tinos, the holy island of the Virgin Mary. During the past 10 years, little by little, surfers seen on Tinos multiplied fast, so the idea for a surfboard rentals & surfing tuition project seemed realistic.

Why there was no surf scene in a country with a coastline of about 14.000 kilometers? This is a mystery yet to be resolved. Windsurfing has always been quite popular, but surfing stayed unknown until the end of the 90s – with very few exceptions that date back to the 70s. Fact is, the local scene is starting to boom, surf shops open, dudes (and chicks!) are learning to surf and exploring the Greek breaks – and Kolibithra on Tinos is considered one of the best.
The Tinos surf lessons project, started by local surfer John Vidalis, is one of the very first in Greece and the first in the Cyclades. It offers surf tuition, surfboard rentals for every level, and also bodyboard, kayak, canoe and skim-board rentals.

The island of Tinos, with a multitude of breaks around its coast (with Kolibitrha bay being the best and also the base of operations for the project), an unmatched natural beauty away from hectic tourist crowds, unspoiled folklore and fast access from the ports of Athens, Tinos is now a great surfing holiday destination.

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