Tinos Jazz Festival

Tinos Jazz Festival, en comptant cinq ans. Lire le programme de trois jours ici

Tinos Jazz Festival


Thursday 28/08/2014

21:30 – Flying Jazz

Stefanos Andreadis, guitar
Dimos Dimitriadis, saxophones
Yiannis Papadopoulos, hammond organ
Alexandros-Drakos Ktistakis, drums
Guitarist and composer Stefanos Andreadis was born in Athens where he studied guitar, harmony, counterpoint, fugue, jazz improvisation, Byzantine theory and finally took a Diploma in composition with the greatest honor (1st prize) at the Conservatoire of Piraeus.

He won a study leave, by the Greek Ministry of Education, to come in Nottingham and study with Dr. Nicholas Sackman. He awarded with the Doctor of Musical Arts (2005) in Composition. He awarded with the ‘Hallward prize 2002-2003 for Musical Composition’ (UK) and was a finalist in the ‘Auros’ International Competition 2003 (U.S.A.). As a jazz guitarist, he has been involved in many concerts and international festivals in Athens, making recordings for Radio and television programs. He teaches jazz theory, composition and jazz guitar at Ionian University in Corfu-Greece. He is a member of Greek composers Union and an active jazz guitarist performing regularly with the group Flying Jazz (Jazz Faculty at the Ionian University). As a guitarist, he has performed with almost all notable Greek musicians and some famous international artists such as Armen Donelian, Karlheinz ‘Charlie’ Miklin, Christi Doran.

23:00 – Tamuz Nissim

Tamuz Nissim, vocals
Giorgos Nazos, guitar
George Polychronakos, drums
Vassilis Stefanopoulos, bass
Jazz singer songwriter and pianist Tamuz Nissim, from Tel Aviv Israel. She started her musical education at an early age, having classical piano lessons and at the age of 14 started to sing Jazz in the music department of her High school. Already then she was considered to be one of the most promising voices of the vibrant Israeli Jazz scene. She moved to Europe in 2007 to study in the Royal Conservatoire of Den Haag, NL and has a Bachelor degree in Performing arts.

With her warm soulful voice, mesmerizing stage presence and virtuosic improvisation skills, Tamuz performs in Jazz venues and festival in Israel Europe as a band leader and also as a guest artist in different projects. Tamuz compose and arrange the repertoire of her band which combines original music, pop and Jazz. In December 2013 she published her debut CD “The Music Stays in a Dream”.

Friday 29/08/2014

21:30 – The Wonder Fall Quartet

Irini Konstantinidis, vocals
Yiannis Papadopoulos, piano
Thanos Hatzianagnostou, drums
Dinos Manos, bass
It all began during the fall of 2009, when drummer Thanos Hatzianagnostou started composing melodies for the piano that were met by the story-telling lyrics of jazz vocalist Irini Konstantinidi. On November 2011 The Wonder-fall Quartet released their debut album. In spring of 2013, having already been performing many of their new, unpublished compositions, the song-writing duet and founders of the group have decided to give a fresh orientation to the quartet, by collaborating with two very young and promising jazz musicians, pianist Yiannis Papadopoulos and upright bass player Konstantinos Manos. The new Wonder-fall Quartet has recorded their second album «Horizon» on November 2013 and released it on April 15, 2014. Atmospheric sound, powerful improvisations, lyricism and outbursts of energy constitute the quartet’s musical identity, which is mostly influenced by the exquisite sound and atmosphere of the European jazz scene.

23:00 – Momo Trio

George Dousis, piano
Paraskevas Kitsos, d.bass
Nikos Kassavetis: drums
“Momo Trio” is an extraordinary ensemble formed by exquisite musicians. The trio plays unique composures characterized by personal musical flair and great musical talent. Music played by “Momo Trio” is defined by their dynamic approach of sound. Their elaborate musical technique resonates with utter simplicity and carries profound clarity along with immense sensitivity, explosiveness and imagination. Truly, they are an extraordinary trio of musicians with a unique musical perspective and impact in the world of music.

Saturday 30/08/2014


Pantelis Benetatos
Pantelis Benetatos has been playing jazz piano for the last 15 years now having worked with many notable musicians not only from Greece (George Trantallidis, George Phillipidis, George Fakanas, Vassilis Rakopoulos) but international musicians as well (Ralph Peterson, Bobby Watson, Chuck Berry, Trilok Gurtu, David Lynch, Jimmy Cobb, Miles Griffin, and Tony Remy to name but a few) in festivals and music venues all over Greece. He has recurrently been a member of the following well-known Greek Jazz Bands: George Trantallidis Quintet, Jazz Workshop, Mode Plagal, Takis Barberis Quintet, New Edition and many more. Since 1994 he has been teaching jazz piano at Philippos Nakas’ Conservatory in Athens. He is coming to Tinos Jazz festival to present a solo piano.

22:15 – InDuologue

Alexandra Lerta: Voice
Vasilis Stefanopoulos: Double Bass
”InDuologue” is a musical dialogue between a Voice and a Double Bass that introduces you to an acoustic kind of jazz listening. The two interpreters blend their sounds in such a way that makes their music feel intimate and distinctive, almost as if it was directed to each listener personally.

23:30 – Timo Lassy – George Kontrafouris Duet

Timo Lassy, saxophone
George Kontrafouris, piano

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