Tinos farm to table… a private chef at your service in Tenos!

Tinos farm to table… a private chef at your service in Tenos!

Carefully designed menus, or personally tailored custom service!

“Tinos Farm to Table is based on the philosophy that brings humans in direct contact with nature. Raw material is sourced directly from the land of Tenos. When I pick fresh produce from my vegetable garden daily I draw the inspiration for my meals. Along with my collaborators which consist of local farmers, fishermen and people that share the same passion and philosophy with me, we aim to create gastronomic experiences for guests, that will always be special memories of Tinos island.”

Alexandros Androvik
The Menu

Morning Goodness Menu
Traditional Village Breakfast
Freshly cooked indulgent breakfast and brunch menu, freshly baked pies, eggs from our chickens, and homemade marmalades and jams from our fruit trees. Start the day with this energizing morning goodness!

Farm to Table
Locally Sourced Slow Cooking
Seasonal ingredients, herbs and vegetables from our garden. a true expression of the farm to table and slow cooking mentality that runs throughout my cooking.

Seaside Menu
Fish and Seafood
Fresh fish and sea food caught by the island’s fishermen is cooked with aromatic herbs and traditional methods that respect their delicate nature.

Barbecue Menu
Locally sourced and on the grill
Meat, fish and vegetables are cooked on the charcoal barbeque resulting in smoky, juicy deliciousness. Greek herbs accentuate the flavours and an aray of side dishes and salads with seasonal ingredients compliment this menu.

From Tinos with love
Authentic Traditional Tinian Cuisine
Traditional flavours inspired by Tinos island’s rich gastronomic history using locally sourced produce grown under the glorious Cycladic sun.

Heart and Soul Ingredients
Vegetarian dishes using only the freshest of ingredients, herbs, fruit and vegetables from our bountiful garden and orchards.