Tinos: A place formed by myths

Tinos: Une île formée par des mythes | Photographer Peter Koumplis reveals the unseen power of Tinos island through his collection of photographs "Anama".

Photographer Peter Koumplis reveals the unseen power of Tinos island through his collection of photographs “Anama”.
ανάμα [ana:ma] greek ~ nn ~ spring water ~ streams of tears / wisdom ~ communion wine

The landscape of Tinos retains its simplicity, its timeless memory of an early consciousness. The winds whisper forgotten myths, such as that of the Kalai and the Zetes, the twin brothers of Boreas and Oreithyia, that died in Tinos by the hands of Hercules. Their father, god of the northern wind, left his palace in Thrace to serch for them, only learning the tragic truth when he arrived Tinos. In pain from his loss, he opened the bags and freed the winds. The same winds that continue to whip the mountain where his sons are lying but also of the rest of the island of Tinos. Their voices can still be heard, as they transformed themselves into winds, and the poles over their graves are said to wiggle when the wind blows from the north.

petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-1 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-2 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-3 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-4 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-5 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-6 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-7 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-8 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-9 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-10 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-11 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-12 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-13 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-14 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-15 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-16 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-17 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-18 petros-koublis-photos-tinos-formed-by-myths-19

By LIFO magazine

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