Tinos Running Experience 2019

6th Tinos Running Experience 2019 competition program

6th Tinos Running Experience 2019 competition program FRIDAY, 07/06/2019 21:30 Athletes arrival and welcome 22:30 Pasta Party for the participants of Tinos Running Experience 2019 SATURDAY, 08/06/2019 17:30 TINOS RUNNING EXPERIENCE 21 km The Main event of the program is the 21 km race. It is…

Walking back to Loutra rental house one beautiful evening in June


La randonnée qui relie le village de Loutra à village Perastra

Relaxed, flexible and friendly holidays for the independently minded; guided trekking or self-guided, the choice is yours. Trekking routes are carefully chosen to sample Tinos’ varied landscapes, villages, beaches, churches and of course welcoming tavernas. Most days will involve between 4 and 6 hours…