For SALE: a stone made traditional house in Tenos island

For SALE: a stone made traditional house in Tenos island

A 100+ year old cowshed in central Tenos that can accommodate two for a unique Cycladic experience. The impression one gets is that of a cave sculptured in solid rock due to the original materials that were preserved in this latest architectural incarnation. The…

Panoramic photos

An old stone barn built by a rock on the way to Agia Marina chapel in Tinos, Cyclades

Following are various panoramic photos some taken during spring time in Tinos. The view from the rock of Exombourgo, where the old capital of the island once was, towards the villages of Falatados and Stene and Mt. Tsiknias, the highest peak of the island….

Churches and Monasteries in Tinos

Sainte Église de Panagia Évaggelistria - Megalochare - à Tinos cours d'une célébration

Orthodox “Hiera Monè Theotokou” Monastery at Kechrovouni “Hiera Monè Agias Triadas” Monastery in the harbour of Tinos “Hiera Monè Kyra-Xenes” Monastery at Panormos “Hiera Monè Katapolianis” Monastery at Isternia “Hiera Monè Bourniotissas” Monastery at Agapi The Pilgrimage of Eleoussa Monastery at Exombourgo The Pilgrimage…