Saint Joseph monastery, Tinos

Saint-Joseph monastère et l'église dans le village de Loutra, Tinos

Saint Joseph monastery, Tinos

Saint Joseph Monastery in Tinos with the Jesuit Church is located in Loutra village. It was built in the mid 19th century, around 1840, with influences from the baroque architecture. Its interior is very detailed and beautiful.

The Church also hosts a folklore museum with artifacts of the daily life of the villagers of past eras. The museum is only open during the summer months of July and August due to the lack of personnel.

At the Museum of the Jesuit Monastery there are precious utensils of worship, but also an interesting collection of projectors. Also, due to the various activities of the monks, one can see tools, furniture, footwear, watches and much more. An old olive press including all its accessories in its original form which was used to make olive oil, a wine press for the production of wine, various agricultural tools and other. Finally, worth mentioning is the building itself which has interesting architectural elements from the ancient Greek era and the period of the Venetian presence on the island.

Saint Joseph Monastery, Tinos, with the imposing Catholic Church within the Jesuit Monastery