Loutra, the Rental House in Tinos

The Rental House in Loutra, Tinos, Greece, is a self-catering rental house restored with a meticulous attention to the details so as to preserve its authenticity

Loutra, the Rental House in Tinos

The Rental House in Tinos, Greece, in the village Loutra, is a self-catering house restored with a meticulous attention to the details so as to preserve its authenticity. Architecturally it blends the Cycladic tradition with modern simplicity and practicality. The renovated summer house offers you privacy and spaciousness in style and can accommodate up to 5 people in comfort. It has the ambience and energy of the Cyclades and the charisma to travel you back in time…

It is a unique traditional stone house, a quiet retreat since it is far away from the touristic crowds and is located in a village, Loutra, with no cars! The village itself is in a charming spot of the island, in the countryside at the centre of Tinos.

The House in Loutra is a very good example of vernacular architecture and it is as traditional as it gets.

Plafond traditionnel d'une maison en pierre des Cyclades avec une arche de pierre | Traditional vernacular architecture, Tinos, Cyclades at the rental house in LoutraThe handmade feeling of the wall plaster was maintained throughout the whole building restoration, letting the irregularities due to the stones beneath add character and uniqueness to each surface. The Ceilings were kept as they were found and traditionally placed in the structure. The wooden beams «τράβες» that support the stone slabs were cleaned and some replaced so as to support the soil above which acts as an insulation against the weather.

L'intérieur d'une maison traditionnelle dans le village de Kardiani, Cyclades

A century old house, photo by FRÉDÉRIC BOISSONNAS

The windows were made out of wood and decorated above with the traditional “hyperthyron” (lintel) which allows light to enter the house but also protect from the strong winds that blow in the island occasionally.

The rudimentary kitchen was preserved both in spirit and design as well as the two living rooms.

Where modernity with respect to tradition had the upper hand was in the “wet space” where the shower, WC, sink are located. This area was treated in a playful and most practical manner, separating all three functions into separate spaces so as to accommodate three guests at the same time!

If what you seek is to rent a quiet summer retreat in the Cyclades, away from touristic spots, not that the island has many, then this is the place to enjoy your summer vacation in Greece! Look no further that Loutra, Tinos.

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