Get a taste of Tenos…

Get a taste of Tenos ...

Get a taste of Tenos…

Some ideas to enhance your stay in Tenos …

Tenos is a gastronomic paradise. The more you dig under the surface the more treasures you will find!
To name some (the order is random):

Kariki cheese: aged in dried pumkins for months for a smooth and mature taste
Aged gruyère: no comment
Balaki, stroggylo or bolaki: the farmers cheese, made on a daily basis during the summer season
Capers: salty and aromatic!
Louza: cured tinian pork meat. Goes well with chilled wine!
Malathouni: one more special cheese, native to Tenos
Sun dried tomatoes: dried under the cycladic sun withthe help of the tinian wind
Tyropittaki: the household dessert made with cheese
Artichokes: localy harvested and fermented in vinegar
String beans: what a delight… just add olive oil, vinegar and fleur de sel

Most of the above can be found in the local market on the harbour of Tenos.

Please avoid the touristic restaurants & taverns! Be more adventurous…