A windy day in Tenos

Clouds travelling at speed over Kampos village in Tenos

Tinos: A place formed by myths

Tinos: Une île formée par des mythes | Photographer Peter Koumplis reveals the unseen power of Tinos island through his collection of photographs "Anama".

Photographer Peter Koumplis reveals the unseen power of Tinos island through his collection of photographs “Anama”. ανάμα [ana:ma] greek ~ nn ~ spring water ~ streams of tears / wisdom ~ communion wine The landscape of Tinos retains its simplicity, its timeless memory of…

Snow in Tinos

Snow covered Tinos. Winter 2015

A scenery that is reminiscent of the Alps albeit in the… Cyclades. This year winter was quite harsh in Tinos as the island was hit by a snow storm of unusual intensity covering the whole island, from shores to mountains, with tenths of cm…

White, the colour of the Cyclades

Cicada, un emblème de l'été, sur un mur de pierre blanche au-dessus d'une porte de grange

Among the first characteristics one notices when first visiting Tinos and the Cyclades in general are the white washed houses and churches with their smooth-edged corners that exhale a sense of openess and freedom…

Traditional dovecotes

Traditional centuries old dovecotes in Tinos, Cyclades

Their tradition dates back to the Venetian period when the systematic breeding of pigeons, for their meat and droppings (used as fertilizers), was first introduced. Most dovecotes were built in cultivated areas with access to water, close to ravines, and in hill slopes. They…

Livada lighthouse

Escalier en marbre à l'intérieur du phare près de livada plage à Tinos

Various views of the old stone built Livada lighthouse which is out of service nowadays, and the Aegean sea to the north of Tinos island. The lighthouse is only a few kilometers away from the villages of Myrsini, Steni and Falatados and is worthwhile…


La randonnée qui relie le village de Loutra à village Perastra

Following are nine treks that are scattered all over the island of Tenos and are worth walking: Falatados-Maganari-Livada beach Tripotamos-Exombourgo-Koumaros-Loutra-Kampos Arnados-Mountados-Tripotamos Chora (harbour)-Ktikados-Chatzirados-Kionia Phalatados-Volax-Agape-Sklavochori Stene-Potamia-Lychnaphtia Stene-Mt. Tsiknias Dyo Choria-Kounares-Agia Varvara-Agios Sostes Ormos Giannake-Isternia-Plateia Kallone-Karkados-Aetopholia-Pyrgos-Panormos-Platia-Rochare-Kyra-Xene-Marlas If you have GOOGLE MAPS installed in your computer you can…

Panoramic photos

An old stone barn built by a rock on the way to Agia Marina chapel in Tinos, Cyclades

Following are various panoramic photos some taken during spring time in Tinos. The view from the rock of Exombourgo, where the old capital of the island once was, towards the villages of Falatados and Stene and Mt. Tsiknias, the highest peak of the island….