Handmade old type metal lock

Handmade old type metal lock

Demetres Chatzes, a 3rd generation metal smith, handcrafted this metal lock for a client in Tenos. For information about his skills and artifacts you can visit his site: metalandart.gr

Sabrinas ceramics in Tenos

Sabrinas ceramics in Tenos

Handmade earth-ware by Sabrina’s hands: bowls,, cups, plates, trays and more with the unique touch and aesthetic of Sabrina! For information please visit: sabrinabinda.gr

12°5 #4 Journal about the wines of Tinos

12°5 #4 Journal about the wines of Tinos | Gazette 12°5 #4 sur les vins de Tinos

… At the same time, we received the first texts from our journalists on Michèle Aubéry from Domaine Gramenon, in Drôme; Xavier Courant from the Domaine de l’Oubliée, in Bourgueil; Delphine and Julien Zernott at the Pas de l’Escalette, in the Hérault; Nicolas Joly…

Two creameries in Tenos island with extraordinary cheeses!

Two creameries in Tenos island with extraordinary cheeses! | Deux crémeries à l'île de Tenos avec des fromages extraordinaires!

Aggela Rouggere Creamery Tsiknias Mt., Tenos island, Cyclades, Greece M. +30 6948 259427 Kariki cheese A cheese for acquired tastes, also called the blue cheese of Tenos. Depending on the degree of maturation it may either resemble roquefort or stilton cheese. Its secret is that…

Tinos food paths 2017

Tinos food paths 2017

Tinos food paths, a walk through the gastronomical paths of Tinos! The walk starts on the 8th of May and ends on the 14th of May 2017. “Guest stars” this year will be: the Tinian breakfast! Live cooking of local dishes and sweets based…

T-Oinos wines

It is here in Greece, and more specifically on the volcanic soil of Tinos, where winegrower Alexandre Avatangelos grows the local varieties Mavrotragano and Avgoustiatis (red wines) & Assyrtiko and Malagousia (white wines) to produce T-Oinos wines | Il est ici en Grèce, et plus précisément sur le sol volcanique de Tinos, où Alexandre vigneron Avatangelos pousse les variétés locales Mavrotragano et Avgoustiatis (vins rouges) & Assyrtiko et Malagousia (vins blancs) pour produire des vins T-Oinos

Greece has a tradition in wine making for more than 3000 years! It is one of the world’s oldest and most traditional wine making countries. It is here in Greece, and more specifically on the volcanic soil of Tinos, where winegrower Alexandre Avatangelos grows the local varieties Mavrotragano and Avgoustiatis…

Tinos food paths 2016

Chemins alimentaires tinos { Tinos food paths } 2016

APRIL 13-14 For the second consecutive year Tinos food paths invites you to explore the island’s gastronomical paths. Housewives and renowned chefs gather on the island of Tinos and join forces to guide you through the traditional culinary treasures of this Cycladic island. See…

Nissos beer from Tinos wins silver Star at the European Beer Star awards

1,613 beers    42 countries    105 brew masters    1 “NISSOS” Greek beer “Nissos” from Tinos, just 17 months old…, won the silver European Beer Star Award in the category Bohemian Pilsner in an international competition that took place in Bavaria, Germany. The…

Blacksmith with a flair

Forgeron traditionnel à Pyrgos, Tinos

Demetres Chatzes is the 3rd generation of blacksmiths dating back to 1910. His creations are both functional and artistic. Following are some categories of hand made products he has made during the years: – Marble sculpture tools for the school of Marble Sculpting in…

Nissos beer

Nissos non pasteurisé bière artisanale de Tinos

Nissos beer is created in small batches with craftsmanship, love, passion, enthusiasm and respect for the consumer. Ingredients of the highest possible quality; water, malt, hops, yeast, and perfection in the production process, create a rich, aromatic and robust beer for you to enjoy.  In order to be…