“IOM SE UT” A FILM BY JOSEPHINE FLASSEUR, filmed partly in Alonaki rental house

“IOM SE UT”, A film by director Joséphine Flasseur… Part of the film was shot in Alonaki rental house in Krokos, Tenos.

A comic based on the life of the famous sculptor from Pyrgos Giannoules Chalepas

A comic based on the life of the famous sculptor from Pyrgos Giannoules Chalepas

Giannoules Chalepas was perhaps the most famous and important Greek sculptor of the past century who gained prominence very early in his life as an artist to be watched with his Sleeping Girl, a funeral monument so well loved today that it has become…

Tinos food paths 2017

Tinos food paths 2017

Tinos food paths, a walk through the gastronomical paths of Tinos! The walk starts on the 8th of May and ends on the 14th of May 2017. “Guest stars” this year will be: the Tinian breakfast! Live cooking of local dishes and sweets based…

Tinos World Music Festival

Tinos World Music Festival | Activités et festivals de la fondation culturelle de Tinos

Tinos World Music Festival started in 2013 and has added the island of Tinos in a broader intercultural network as a meeting point of important musicians from the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean. So far it has hosted more than 100 internationally renowned musicians from Greece and…

Tinos Jazz Festival

Tinos Jazz Festival, en comptant cinq ans. Lire le programme de trois jours ici

TINOS JAZZ FESTIVAL PROGRAMME SUMMER 2014 Thursday 28/08/2014 21:30 – Flying Jazz Stefanos Andreadis, guitar Dimos Dimitriadis, saxophones Yiannis Papadopoulos, hammond organ Alexandros-Drakos Ktistakis, drums Guitarist and composer Stefanos Andreadis was born in Athens where he studied guitar, harmony, counterpoint, fugue, jazz improvisation, Byzantine…

Wild artichokes

Fleur de arthichoke sauvage de l'île de Tinos dans les Cyclades

Wild artichokes or common ones, are a local delicacy in Tinos and are produced mostly at the valley of Komi. As a matter of fact there is a festival every year that takes place in the village of Komi between May and June where visitors…