T-Oinos wines

It is here in Greece, and more specifically on the volcanic soil of Tinos, where winegrower Alexandre Avatangelos grows the local varieties Mavrotragano and Avgoustiatis (red wines) & Assyrtiko and Malagousia (white wines) to produce T-Oinos wines | Il est ici en Grèce, et plus précisément sur le sol volcanique de Tinos, où Alexandre vigneron Avatangelos pousse les variétés locales Mavrotragano et Avgoustiatis (vins rouges) & Assyrtiko et Malagousia (vins blancs) pour produire des vins T-Oinos

Greece has a tradition in wine making for more than 3000 years! It is one of the world’s oldest and most traditional wine making countries. It is here in Greece, and more specifically on the volcanic soil of Tinos, where winegrower Alexandre Avatangelos grows the local varieties Mavrotragano and Avgoustiatis…

Tinos food paths 2016

Chemins alimentaires tinos { Tinos food paths } 2016

APRIL 13-14 For the second consecutive year Tinos food paths invites you to explore the island’s gastronomical paths. Housewives and renowned chefs gather on the island of Tinos and join forces to guide you through the traditional culinary treasures of this Cycladic island. See…

Panoramic photos

An old stone barn built by a rock on the way to Agia Marina chapel in Tinos, Cyclades

Following are various panoramic photos some taken during spring time in Tinos. The view from the rock of Exombourgo, where the old capital of the island once was, towards the villages of Falatados and Stene and Mt. Tsiknias, the highest peak of the island….